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Can you see it for the trees?

Posted: November 3, 2016

Can you see it for the Trees?

The Bridge…




In Tyler, Texas they could.



Faulkner Park in Tyler, Texas needed a bridge to access an area of the park’s woodland trails.

The bridge had to be large enough to allow for small vehicle usage and yet built in such a way as to not damage the woodland habitat.



So, can you see it? Built in two days – with small equipment – and able to hold up 40,000 lbs. The treated wood used also contains 14,000 pounds of green house gases that will never be seen again. I think Tyler has earned a BIG STAR.



Every Breath We Take

Posted: September 29, 2016

I am fortunate to work in an industry that removes green-house gases from our atmosphere. Every tree removes, on average, 50 pounds of green-house gases from the atmosphere per year until it reaches the age of 40.


Then, unless it is harvested, it will begin to give up more green-house gases than it removes. It will ultimately release all the green-house gases that it had stored up either by FIRE or DECAY.



by taking a tress when harvested and building a permanent structure with it, those captured green-house gases remain sequestered. Concrete, steel, and plastic building products do not contain any green-house gases. In fact, all products made from concrete, steel and plastic contribute to the green-house gas inventory in our atmosphere. In Texas alone, more than 80,000,000 trees were planted last year by my industry. On average, that one year planting will remove 1 million tons or green-house gasses per year until year 40.


“Plant a tree, build with trees, save the world —– REPEAT!


Home Sweet Home

Posted: August 26, 2016


I went back home to Brownsville, TX last week for my 40 year high school reunion. I decided to look around and see what else was still around after 40 years. My father had been a developer in Brownsville and had built many apartment complexes.

The 40 year time frame also reminded me of something concerning about the industry I work in. On average, 40 years is the age in which a forest will start giving up more green house gases than it removes from the atmosphere.



The attached pic is of one of the apartment complexes still providing housing after 40 years of use. It contains over 400,000 lbs of green house gases.

The second attached pic is of a planted pine plantation. When it reaches the age of 40, it will be harvested to build the next generation of needed housing.

This forest will not be burned or left to die and decay. The green house gases each tree has successfully sequestered during its life cycle will remain in place. The forest will become homes, hospictals, bridges, piers, electrical lines, and playgrounds. This is the sequestering technology that does not need tax dollas for support…It needs community support.



Plant a tree, Grow a tree, Build with trees, Save the world —   



Something Simple — Driving Down the Highway

Posted: April 15, 2016

Something Simple—– Driving Down the Highway—-
I was driving down Texas Highway 59  this week and came up on a new guardrail system being installed.  I drove a little further into the next county and came up another guardrail system.
They look the same.
                                  – Very simple construction.
One: Used wooden posts                             The Other: Used steel posts
 IMG_1519                     IMG_1520                    
Each wooden post removes 26 lbs of green house gases from our environment. Each steal post adds 34 lbs of green house gases to our environment.  The State of Texas uses over 300,000 of these posts each year.
We can either remove 7,800,000 lbs of green house gases each year from our atmosphere
Orrrrrrr –
We can add 10,200,000 lbs of green house gases each year to our atmosphere—– SIMPLE!

Arrrrgh!…there be PIRATES in these waters!

Posted: March 31, 2016

Arrrrgh!…there be PIRATES in these waters!
Sometimes it’s just fun. We enjoy working with our customers on all projects but sometimes the projects themselves are just fun to work on. Like this old “square rigger” sailing ship repair.  The old rigging needed to be restored and Capitol Museum Services in Manassas, VA wanted to do it right.  We worked with them to match what they had and improvised on the rest.  Turned out good. 
Now, where be that treasure?!

What Happens After the Water Moves Away?

Posted: January 22, 2016

What Happens After the Water Moves Away—–

Recent flooding in Alabama caused much damage, including washing out the 50 year old timber bridge pictured below. The owner of a herd of cattle depended on that bridge to get feed to his animals.

bridge damaged 01202016
3 days and $6,000.00 dollars later they were back across the creek taking good care of their stock.  The rancher could not believe how quick it all happen. The bridge was, once again, operational and able to handle heavy loads. The wooden timbers used also stored some 6,800 pounds of green house gases.  That’s a “two step” in the right direction………………QUICK  AND  GREEN!
bridge damaged 01202016 B

Fishing for a Solution…

Posted: January 5, 2016

Along Highway 35 north of Rockport Texas there is an old fishing pier, or at least that is what it is today.
Back in the 50’s it was a modern Texas State Highway Causeway, one of the longest in the state at the time.   Over the years traffic count out grew it. It was replaced for traffic use some years later by a concrete structure.  Now the third generation Causeway is under construction at the same location and the old fishing pier carries on. 
old 35 pic 3
Over 1.3 million pounds of green house gases are contained in that structure.  The timber used in its construction will never give it up.  
The replacement Causeway released over 1.9 million pound of green house gases during its construction and the third generation Causeway will contribute over 2.5 million pounds of green house gases when it is finished. 
We all benefit, whether we fish or not, when the structures we build remove green house gases from our world. 
Let’s get hooked on that concept and start removing green house gases instead of adding to them.

How Long is Long?

Posted: November 17, 2015

How long is long? —-  I was asked once “How long should wooden piling last?”
                                                                            It was a quick answer for me-     “Forever!”
Wooden piling, properly specified, installed and maintained, should last indefinitely.
I can site Ancient examples like Egyptian structures.
I can site Old examples like the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

The examples that I like to mention are those that people work in everyday like the Orange County Court House, built in 1937.


Over 100 pilings, 30’ and longer, driven to a 20 ton load rating, were used. This project removed over 26,000 lbs of green house gases from our atmosphere. Those wooden pilings (and the gases contained therein) are holding up the court house today, tomorrow and for years to come.   That is a much better use of green house gases.

Neither the building nor the gases are going anywhere soon.      That’s Long!

Which is Which – when it comes to the environment?

Posted: August 25, 2015

Which is Which – when it comes to the environment?

Along a stretch of US Highway 183 North of Austin Texas there is a power line made up of both concrete and wooden poles.  Both types have the same life expectancy (until obsolescence), but which one has the better impact on greenhouse gasses.  

One REMOVES 33,113 lbs. of greenhouse gases per mile
          and the other one
                  CONTRIBUTES 42,912 lbs. of greenhouse gases per mile. 
Want to guess which is which— GO GREEN!
fyi pole pic 82515 both (2) 1
fyi pole pic 82515 wood (2) 2      fyi pole pic 82515 concrete (2) 3


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