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How ’bout them Apples?!

Posted: April 25, 2017

You can’t compare Apples and Pine Cones! …or can you?

pine cone compared

I have worked in the forestry industry most of my life. Understanding that trees remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is a given with me. Pine trees, on average remove 50 pounds per tree per year during their first 40 years. That equals 17 tons per acre per year on average. This greenhouse gas ends up in our homes and businesses in the form of construction materials.

pine cone 1

Recently I worked with a company on providing construction material for an apple orchard. This company will plant 37,000 trees on 48 acres. They expect 90% will make apple production for 22 years. Each year, each acre will sequester 22 tons of green house gases. Most of this greenhouse gas ends up in our food supply.
That is 1,056 tons per year – for 22 years – not costing anything to sequester that gas, but actually making a profit – that they will have to pay taxes on, by the way.

apple orchard

Do the math – that 48 acres will REMOVE the greenhouse gas foot print for 62 Americans each year.
Last year 28 people planted 80,000,000 pine trees in Texas alone on private land.
Those 80 Million pine trees will remove 2 Million tons of greenhouse gas each year for the next 40 years.
That effort will REMOVE the annual greenhouse gas foot print for 117,647 Texans!
How ’bout them apples?


Plant a TREE, Build with TREES (eat apples), Save the WORLD REPEAT!!!



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